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Find Nearby Professionals

Build your network on the go with like-minded professionals that accommodate your lifestyle and everyday needs.

Select By Job Title & Industry

Set your preferences to any field, industry, or a specific job title within location. Get as narrow or broad as you want and connect with people who are similar or indifferent.

Social Engagement

Add friends and message them directly for networking, career advice, or simply converse on related industries or type of work. Gain a friend or a professional acquaintance.




Find the people you want right away who attend the same conference as you and simply customize your search. Turn off conference mode and also use it everywhere you go.

Connect In a
New Way

Create a custom code that you can use at your next event and conference. It’s as simple as finding the same people at the same place.


Miram Ebrahim

CEO & Co-Founder

She has worked in sales and marketing for over 15+ years working for Google, Apple and Amazon. She came up with Common Connect to disrupt the way professionals network by allowing them to connect in a more social way. Her goal is to solve the problem of missed opportunities. She has a passion for tech. On her days off, she loves to enjoy art, music, fashion and pop culture. With an MBA in business management and media, Miram is a true tech innovator and entrepreneur. She left Google and Apple to start a company that would help change the way the world networks and connects with one another. She is a fan or making the impossible possible.

Ramey Ebrahim

COO & Co-Founder

In todays world, networking and professional connections are both essential and rewarding in order to fulfill a life of career advancements and personal relationships. With a Masters in Marketing, his purpose is to present an easier digital solution that helps cultivate and develop your personal and professional network in a world where who you know truly matters. On his spare time, he plays basketball, you can always find him watching the latest Knicks game.

Arnell Milhouse

CTO & Co-Founder

A true innovative serial entrepreneur, software developer recognized by President Obama, Governors and Mayors for his work in training 1 million new entrepreneurs and software developers. He believes that Common Connect is the future of professional networking. He is an avid health-nut and is addicted to riding his rip-stick everywhere.

Clifton Choiniere

Lead Software Developer

He is a Senior Software Developer and Engineer with experience in multiple programming languages, and full-stack development. He loves challenges and solving problems of the algorithmic and mathematical kind. When he is not behind a keyboard, you will find him immersed in Anime and enjoys rip-sticking with his friends.

Your network is your net worth, stay connected!